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Community Fund

The JCAM Community Fund Committee receives applications from non-profit organizations, groups or individuals twice a year, with deadlines March 31 and September 30, for projects that meet the goal of the fund.

THE GOAL OF THE COMMUNITY FUND is to assist organizations, groups, and individuals in undertaking projects to promote educational, cultural, human rights, and other activities and programs contributing to the betterment of the Japanese Canadian community in Manitoba.

Organizations must submit: list of directors, constitution and by-laws, mandate or statement of its purpose and its goals, most recent approved annual financial statement and the current fiscal year’s budget of projected revenue and expenditures including the list of other funders.

Groups must submit: list of the officers, statement of its purposes and an outline of its activities, most recent financial records, the current fiscal year’s budget and projected revenue and expenditures, including the list of other sources of funds and grants received, and letters of reference or endorsement.

Individuals must submit: a resume, a letter of reference, a letter of financial reference from an officer of a recognized financial institution, and amounts and sources of other grants received in the previous two years.

Application forms are available from the Centre office.

Submit application to:   JCAM Community Fund Committee 180 McPhillips Street, Winnipeg, MB    R3E 2J9

Deadline for applications is March 31 and September 30 of any given year.