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Japanese Pavilion

YOKOSO! Japan Then and Now showcases the sights, sounds and tastes of the ancient and modern day capital cities of Japan, Kyoto and Tokyo. Drawing from the cuisines of Kyoto and Tokyo and new to the menu this year is the bento that has been created specifically for Folklorama patrons. Chef Ono’s popular niku-don (beef

JCAM Capital Fund Campaign

“VISION WITHOUT ACTION IS MERELY A DREAM ACTION WITHOUT VISION JUST PASSES THE TIME VISION AND ACTION CAN CHANGE THE WORLD” – Joel A. Barker The Vestibule addition was merely a dream but with action it has become a reality. It was completed at the end of November 2016 but the JCAM Board is setting

Community Grant of $35,000

The Winnipeg Foundation informed the Japanese Cultural Association of Manitoba that they were awarded a Community Grant of $35,000 in support of expanding and renovating the foyer at the Cultural Centre. The vestibule addition was completed in November 2016.

Official Opening of the Vestibule Addition

This is the Official Opening of the Vestibule Addition! Date: Sunday, December 4, 2016 Time: 2:30 pm

First Day of Fall

Tomorrow is the first official day of Fall and that opens the door to…yes, garage sales! In particular, THE BIG GARAGE SALE here at the Centre this weekend. Action starts Saturday at 9 a.m. (until 3 p.m.), with more action on Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 2 p.m. Don’t let our “construction look” hold you back

Grant of $9500

The Japanese Cultural Association of Manitoba Inc. received a grant of $9500 from The Province of Manitoba, Ethnocultural Support Program, for 2016 by participating in three bingo sessions. The funds will be used to support the Public Schools Program and the Japanese Language classes at the Centre.

Karakoro Eisa Drum & Dance Show a Success!

The sounds, dances and colours of Japan were front and centre on a stage in Winnipeg on Sunday. The drum and dance group Karakoro Eisa brought around 70 performers from Okinawa, Japan to the stage at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. “The music will be familiar to some people, and on the other hand, they are

Folklorama 2016 Japanese Pavilion

Once again the Japanese Cultural Association of Manitoba (JCAM) sponsored the Japanese Pavilion at St. Joseph’s Parish Hall on College Street this year from July 31 to August 6 which was the first week of the 2 week cultural festival. Dance, taiko, koto, foods both traditional and innovative (like Spam Musubi – a tasty snack that originated

JCAM Paint Nite

What happens when you gather together paint, brushes, canvasses, yummy bentos and refreshing libations? You get PAINT NITE, a first ever event held here June 20.This was a group of people who quickly bonded over their brushes as they tackled a lovely challenge – paint a sakura in the moonlight – with helpful direction from an experienced